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What wedding photos do we get?

We always deliver high resolution images on USB and/or DVD. The photos are edited using Photoshop and other specialized software. The photos you receive do not contain any watermarks or anything that prevents you from viewing the images properly. You are free to copy and give to family members or print as you wish. To summarize:

  • All photos are edited for colour, brightness and contrast.
  • No watermarks across your images.
  • You can print yourself if you wish.
  • You may copy and give to friends and family.

Please Note: The photos on this website and those used for advertising do have watermarks, but the photos you get will not.

Why do we need a professional wedding photographer?

Having a professional wedding photographer on your wedding day is about having peace of mind, knowing that all those special and candid moments, that cannot be photographed on any other day, will be captured at the highest quality, in the best possible way, as well as having an artistic and beautiful element that only a creative professional can achieve. You will want your wedding photos to be beautiful and You will want to cherish and share your photos with your partner and family for years to come.

Every one of the over 400 weddings that we have shot has been a success. Why risk your big wedding day photographic memories? Many things can go wrong when you don’t use a professional such as:

  • dark or very bright images
  • blurred or out of focus images
  • cheesy or lifeless and stilted images

Worse still, a photographer may lose your photos due to poor backups, accidental erasures or camera and computer failures. We cant think of anything worse than losing wedding photos! which is why we go to great (and expensive) lengths to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Are you an accredited professional photographer?

Yes, we are accredited by the AIPP. We not only abide by, but exceed the code of ethics set down by our industry associations. However, we go above and beyond. We take our professional responsibilities seriously. You can be assured that you are purchasing the services of a photographer who has the support and acceptance of other professional photographers.

You are safe in knowing that all our photographers have the technical know-how to work with different types of lighting and conditions. Your photography is always in safe hands.

Fotografia Coppola work full time at the their photography studio premises in East Perth. We specialize in wedding photography. It is not a part time hobby like many other photographers in Perth who come and go often leaving behind disappointed clients.

When will our photos be ready?

We don’t want you waiting long! Normally it will take about 2 weeks for your photos to be ready. However it does depend on the time of year. We will advise you of the likely time frame you will get your photos on your wedding day.

What cities and areas do you service?

We service Perth and most of regional WA. Areas outside of the greater Perth metropolitan area, such as the south west, may attract a travel fee depending on package chosen. Please contact us for details. We also service Melbourne, Victoria. We do not charge travel fees to Melbourne however a minimum spend is usually required. Please contact us for details.

 What is your style of wedding and portrait photography?

Our style is primarily candid (reportage) and creative (directed). Giovanni Coppola normally works alongside his wife, Leanne Coppola.  They have a unique style of photography that blends photo-journalistic and artistic. We use a variety of professional photographic equipment and post production techniques to achieve the look we are after. This ensures that you receive a high level of photographic service and quality photography both during the shoot and afterwards.

We pride ourselves on our ability to instinctively record the atmosphere and emotion of your wedding with style and originality.  We try to anticipate and even preempt the moment. We always strive for new and imaginative ideas for directing singles, couples and even whole families. Many who claim they are not photogenic have been pleasantly surprised at their photos. Our passion for photographing people drives us to work hard to achieve a premium result for our clients.

Are you a “shoot and burn” wedding photographer?

No. Fotografia Coppola always provides a premium service but at an affordable price. Under no circumstances do we just shoot and burn images onto DVD. All our photos are sorted and edited during a post production process which often takes longer than the original shoot. Unlike some photographers though, we don’t force you to buy prints from us (at exorbitant prices) and we do not require you to buy an album if you don’t want one.

Do you charge a booking fee on top of your packages?

No. There is a deposit to be paid to confirm and secure your booking but it comes off your total package price. You always know how much you are up for. There are no hidden costs and we try to be as open as we can about how we charge for our photography services.

What photographic post production services do you provide?

In most cases, for every hour we shoot, we spend another hour and a half in post production (ie: Photoshop), which includes, but is not limited to:

  • colour adjustments
  • cropping
  • minor retouching (at our discretion*)
  • spot colour (at our discretion*)
  • B&W
  • sepia
  • clutter removal (at our discretion*)
  • application of creative effects (at our discretion*)

* at ‘our discretion’ means that we do these tasks at no additional cost if we think a photo warrants it. 

Such post production work is done at our discretion during the editing stage and is part of our service. There is no additional cost. Any special requests can be provided as an additional service at additional cost, but the majority of our clients are happy with what they get out of the box.

Cartoon Wedding Edit

Do you edit all or some of our our wedding photos?

We consider post production editing as vital to producing high quality images. We make sure all photos are colour corrected, cropped and retouched if necessary. Some photos, especially those selected for an album, will receive special attention. In addition, we will create beautiful black & white, sepia, two tone, storybook montages and other creative effects depending on the photos and chosen album style.

Note: We pride ourselves on spending a great deal of time and effort during this creative process; you should beware of cheaper quotations that cut corners during this vital step. We never deliver images straight out of the camera!

Who will be the photographers at our wedding?

Both Giovanni and Leanne photograph weddings. We are a family business, so upon your first appointment with us, Giovanni and/or Leanne will introduce themselves to you and your partner and showcase our work with you including the different albums available and photos from previous weddings they have photographed. Depending on the package you choose, we will book a pre-wedding shoot with you. This is a great opportunity to meet and get comfortable with your photographer. We like to establish a warm relationship with our clients as we feel it brings out their best photographically.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, and that’s partly why we have this Wedding FAQ! Giovanni and Leanne personally guarantee professionalism and a quality premium service. But most importantly, we guarantee you stunning and beautiful wedding photos that you will cherish for a lifetime.

But more than this, we go beyond the AIPP code of ethics as we always want to do the right thing by our clients, and we will do our utmost to meet our clients’ needs if it is within our power to do so. Our client testimonials will attest to this fact.

Will our photographs be unique to us?

Giovanni and Leanne always strive to improve their technique and stay abreast of current trends. For us, every wedding is different! Your photos will be original and unique to you, your family and your location. We will advise as best we can to help you get the most from your photography. Finally, if you are willing to do something different, then so are we!

Do you use professional digital camera equipment?

Yes, we only use professional digital cameras and equipment. We regularly update our technical equipment and keep abreast of current changes and innovations in the wedding photography industry. Currently we use a wide range of Canon professional cameras and equipment such as the Canon 1Dx, 1D mk4 and 5D mk3. We update to new models as soon as they are released and we carry several lenses at any one time to ensure we get the shot we are after. We also have backup and spare equipment on hand at all times, just in case!

Are you intrusive at all?

No! we are not. Our primary goal is to be unobtrusive, especially during key moments. At times, during the ceremony for example, in order to get certain shots, we may need to come a little closer than usual to get a better view of the bride and groom and any special activities such as:

  • Walking down the aisle
  • Bride to Groom handover
  • Placing of rings
  • The kiss
  • Signing of the registry

We always respectfully check with your celebrant, pastor or priest regarding any rules about photography during the ceremony. For example some venues disallow flash or standing in certain areas.

You can rest assured that our style is to be as unobtrusive as possible, so you can enjoy your special day. However, should you want us to be totally unobtrusive and adopt a completely photo-journalistic approach then we are also happy to shoot in this manner as well. The choice is yours.

How many photographers will be photographing our wedding?

With our wedding packages you will have a minimum of two photographers, the main photographer and a second photographer to capture those candid moments. There is no additional cost. Giovanni and Leanne normally shoot but a third photographer may also be organized if required.

We feel that a second photographer is essential for wedding photography. We actually take turns shooting second as we love getting all those candid and emotion charged moments that just one photographer may miss.

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What if our guests would like to take photographs?

Of course! they can even ask us for tips! however we do ask that we be the main photographers for your day and that anyone wishing to take photographs be mindful  to avoid our photographers view or stand to the side of them when they are taking photographs, especially family and groups. Taking professional photographs and recording the days events is what we do best so that you and your guests can relax and enjoy the moment!

How many photographs will be taken during our wedding?

There is no minimum or maximum limit to the number of photographs that you will receive. We like to shoot in an unrestricted manner, we generally shoot about 50-100 photos per hour, however it is totally dependent on the particular wedding and factors such as:

  • time
  • size of bridal party
  • if pre-wedding is to be covered
  • if we are at the reception
  • number of guests
  • length of ceremony and;
  • whether there are any ethnic customs or other considerations.

We make a point of looking for and anticipating special moments, we don’t point and shoot hoping to jag a good shot, good photography just doesn’t happen like that. We want all your photos to be unique and different.

Can we expect any black and white photos?

Yes. We normally provide a few in our own style of black and white. Generally we choose reportage style photos to converted to B&W. It depends. Some photo’s just cry out to us to be converted to B&W. You can also have none if you wish.

Do we have any input on how the shots are taken?

During your consultation with Giovanni and/or Leanne, we will discuss with you our style of photography. During the pre-wedding, ceremony and reception we shoot as it happens but during the formal location shoot we will direct you.

What will you be wearing on the day?

We will be wearing professional and smart clothing. We like to dress the part. It’s an important day for you and our dress standard is always high.

Do we receive the high resolution photos?

Yes, with all our packages you will receive edited high resolution photos on DVD. You will be able to do the following:

  • Enlarge and print yourself or
  • take to a professional photo lab for enlargement and printing
  • copy the photos and DVD and give to friends
  • post on Facebook or other online website
  • email to friends

Can we print ourselves?

Yes! You will be able to print yourself at home or you will be able to print them at a department store such as Harvey Norman or Kmart. You may also have them printed by a professional photo laboratory (we can recommend some) and finally you may have us print your photos (via our online print store). The choice is yours.

Do our photos have your watermark?

No. Your final USB/DVD will have all fully edited high resolution images with no watermarks. You will be able to print your images cleanly, without any watermark obscuring the image.

Any images we post on Facebook (or other online medium) may carry our watermark. Any images used for promotional purposes by Fotografia Coppola, such as our website or magazines advertisements may also carry our watermark.

We ask your permission first for any photos we use for advertising or commercial purposes.

Will we get to see any photos after the wedding?

Yes, we try to post a few of our favourite photos from each wedding to Facebook as soon as we can so you get a small preview. Note: if you don’t want us to post on Facebook, then we wont. Soon after you will receive a link to all of your photos which you can share with friends and family locally and internationally.

Is there a legal contract that we will be entering into upon confirming a booking?

Yes, we have a terms of agreement that is designed to protect you and us. Your payment of the deposit constitutes acceptance of our terms. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.

What types of services do you offer?

We offer the following services:

  • Wedding photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Children photography
  • Pregnancy and Baby/Newborn photography
  • Commercial photography

Please speak to us if you are interested in any of the above services or contact us.

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